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Cousins Alison Hawkins and Kirstin Hall practically grew up at Green Street Restaurant. Their parents, Michael and Joanne Hall and Bob and Lisa Harrison, co-owned the restaurant, and brought them into the family-business fold as soon as they were old enough to help out. Today, Alison serves as Food & Beverage Director and Kirsten is the Catering Director. They became partners in the business in January.  

“The Jones family has enjoyed countless great meals at Green Street for over 30 years, and we’re honored to be their coffee roaster,” says Chuck Jones: “I remember my grandma Joyce would take me to Green Street when it was actually located on Green Street in the early ‘80s. They let her bring her dachshund, Edelweiss. Of course, she always enjoyed the beloved Dianne Salad!”

We chatted with Alison and Kirstin recently about their food and beverage cravings, and more: 

What do you enjoy most about the food service industry? 

Our favorite part of working in the food service industry is that we get to be a part of so many of our guests’ important life events, whether it is a simple family gathering, friends meeting up, first dates, wedding proposals or celebrating a loved one’s life (the list could go on and on). We love knowing that Green Street is a place our guests can count on.

What is your favorite dish at the restaurant?

Kirstin: Our sustainable Asian Mustard Salmon

Alison: The Southwest Caesar Salad with Gaucho Chicken

How long has Green Street been a Jones Coffee customer? 

A long time! So long that we can't remember how long!

What is your favorite way to enjoy Jones Coffee?

We both love Jones cold brew. Alison loves it with almond milk and Kirstin drinks it with cream. It is usually one of the first things we have when we get to work, and sometimes we even enjoy it as an afternoon treat.

What are some of your favorite local restaurants? Bars? Cafes? 

We really love Magnolia House, The Raymond, Cafe Fiore, and Gales Restaurant.   

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