Our Story

The Finca

Finca Dos Marias (“the farm of the two Marias”), is where Mireya Jones’ grandmother and great grandmother began producing one of the highest-grade coffees in the highlands of Guatemala, in the mid-1870s.

The farm is recognized by leading specialty coffee organizations for its commitment to the environment and to the welfare of its worker community, including education and medical care.

Though most of the farm’s coffee is sold to other sustainability-minded coffee roasters around the country, we keep some of it in the family, at Jones Coffee Roasters.


The Company

Coffee’s reach across national and cultural borders has always influenced the way we do business. From the worker on the finca, to the barista serving the finished cup of coffee, each is an integral part of the process and crucial to its success.

We are proud of our reputation, and of the people who work with us to make our mission a reality. It is what makes us feel part of something larger than ourselves.

The Roastery

Our roastery was established by Chuck and Larry Jones in 1994. As the retail/café side of the business grew, so did the need for seating. When we exceeded the City’s specified seating limit, die-hard customers began bringing in their own “talking chairs” to assure they’d have a place to sit and talk with friends the next time they came in. The Jones Coffee Roasters logo is inspired by this act of community building.

Values in Purchasing

We are committed to the traceability of the coffees we roast and to our growers’ sustainable farming practices. We believe socially responsible farms consistently produce better coffee, and we hope it encourages greater awareness of the vital role we all play in supporting an equitable, sustainable coffee industry.

Truth in Labeling: Our Best Practices in Purchasing

  • Direct Trade Guatemala
  • Direct Trade Sumatra
  • Direct Trade Tanzania
  • IWCA Burundi
  • IWAC Rwanda

Community Involvement

We actively participate in the local community through service and in-kind donations. Our core values are rooted in each of the organizations we support, and our relationships are deliberate and cherished.