Customer Profile: Gale’s Restaurant, Pasadena

Posted by Julie Beals on

A Jones family favorite, Gale’s Restaurant serves up incredible traditional Italian dishes, and Jones Coffee

Jones: What do you enjoy most about food service?

Gale: The creativity and spontaneity. Our business forces you to always be thinking: "What's next?"  I love the people aspect; giving them immediate gratification cannot be beat. And when you’re successful, you have the opportunity to be a valuable and participating community partner.

Jones: What’s your favorite dish on your menu?

Gale: That is a very tough question. I really love so much of what we serve. I love the fresh salads and dressings, the local cheeses that we use, our homemade pastas and gnocchi! Yummy. But I think my go-to would be our incredible fish. We have always gotten our fish from Fish King in Glendale and there is nothing better. Give me a perfectly cooked piece of organic salmon with some simply cooked broccoli or other vegetable and I'm in heaven. I love our Italian dishes, but our menu really lends itself to eating a well-rounded diet.

Jones: How long has Gale’s been a Jones Coffee customer?

Gale: I have known the Joneses and enjoyed their incredible product since my doors opened 18 years ago. I really started to focus on the their espresso and tea products about 7 years ago. Always, we feel so fortunate to have such incredible partners just around the corner! Doesn't get much more local.

Jones: What’s your favorite way to enjoy Jones Coffee?

Gail: I really like my espresso drinks. Jones actually makes an incredible decaf bean that is so robust, I drink it all the time. And what's not to love when you take the espresso and incorporate it into our delicious tiramisu or affogato?

Jones: What are some of your favorite local eateries?

Gail: In the mornings, if I'm not grabbing just a cup of coffee from Jones, I love going to Russell's or Green Street. They have wonderful breakfasts that just keep getting better all the time! I like going to our independent restaurant and bars so that is always a big consideration. My friends just opened a fun tavern in Montrose called Jack Sparr. Very fun!

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